Friday, March 30, 2012

Seeing Stripes

I never used to like stripes and then something happened and now I can't get enough of them.  I really don't know what caused the shift in my taste but it happened and now all I'm seeing is stripes.  In fact the dress I bought to wear for Nik's birthday party is striped!  Here a a few other lovely striped things I found and not of the jail bird variety either.  I'll see you al next week, hopefully I'll be able to finish writing the tutorial I'm working on...wish me luck for throwing my first party! And congratulations to my little brother for getting in to Harvard!!!!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monster Cans

This birthday decoration was a last minute idea...I was walking through Walmart and I was thinking of all the colors incorporated in the party decorations and I thought to myself, "They're the same colors of Tootsie Roll Pops."  So that train of thought went off on it's own and I thought it would look cool to make the suckers look like monsters!

Then I got to thinking, "What can I put the monster pops in?"  With that question in the back of my mind I returned home and while cleaning I saw my son's can of "puffs" (as we call them) and I got the idea to make a monster can.  It took me about 5 mins to make this monster can which can be used as a pen holder after the party.  I think this would be a cute classroom project (maybe for Halloween??).

To make this I took a damp paper towel and I wiped the inside clean.  I grabbed a piece of construction paper and taped one end of it down and wrapped it around the can and taped down the other end.  The paper didn't quite go all the way around so I used a scrap of the extra paper to cover the gap.

After, I took my craft knife and cut along the bottom of the paper, using the metal rim as my cutting guide (You can also use a pencil to make the line and then cut using your scissors, I was just too lazy to do that.).

I found the center front of the can and I glued the eyes on with my glue gun.

The pops were not long enough to be seen over the edge of the can so I added a little tissue paper at the bottom of the can so they would be visible.  Quick, easy and cute, huh?!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pom Pom Monsters Mini Tutorial

Last time I showed you what (Clover Extra Large Pom Pom Maker) I used to make the pom poms, now I'm going to show you how I decorated them.  I really liked the monsters in the pom pom monster book (Pom Pom Monster Salon: Create, Cut & Style Your Own Monsters (Klutz)) but I didn't have the time and energy to make all those little accessories for each pom pom monster.

What I created instead is quick and easy and if you have little ones it would make an awesome weekend craft project!

Start with your plain pom pom you created.  You can use the pom pom maker like I did (which comes in a variety of sizes) or you can make them the old fashioned way with cardboard.  What, you don't know the old fashioned way?  That's ok, here are a few tutorials I found to show you: pom pom written tutorial and pom pom video tutorial

Got your pom pom ready?  Awesome!  Now grab your glue/glue gun, some big wiggly eyes, two smaller pom poms for the feet, a No. 2 pencil and pipe cleaner in any color (you can find these items at most stores that sell craft supplies, such as Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, and Michael's).

I glued the eyes on my pom pom monsters a few different ways.  I tried gluing them to the ends of the yarn and I tried separating the yarn and putting them in the middle (as you can see in the pictures below).  I like the way they look with the yarn separated, it reminds me of Cousin It.

For the feet I glued the pom poms on the ends of the yarn on the bottom front so they could be seen.

You've got basics done, let's add some flair.  For my flair I added silver pipe cleaners because I wanted a little sparkle.  To attach the pipe cleaner I found the middle of the pom pom, remember when you tied the center?  I pushed the pipe cleaner through the top part of the string that ties the pom pom together.  I did end up pushing out a few strands of the yarn, so try to be careful while inserting your pipe cleaner (you don't want to make your pom pom lose a lot of "hair").

Looking at the pom pom with the silver pipe cleaner reminds me of my grandparents old black and white tv that had a silver antenna.  At this point you can twist the pipe cleaner any way you like, for mine I curled the pipe cleaners using my handy dandy No. 2 pencil.  Just wrap the pipe cleaner around the No. 2 pencil and slip the pencil out when you're done...and that's it!  Simple, right?  

Friday, March 23, 2012

Project of the Moment - Back to School

My cousin's little girl had her birthday party over a month ago and I started making her a dress two days before the party.  It was last minute because I didn't know what to make/give her.  I made the bodice for the dress but the placement of the straps was bad so she couldn't try it on.  I was thankful that I had bought her two tops and I was able to give her those on her birthday so she had something to open.  I have been desperately trying to finish the party favors and decorations for my son's birthday so I put the dress on hold until this last week.   I removed the straps and guess what, the bodice was too small!  I guess it's a good thing I signed up for an e-course on how to sew children's clothing.

I found out about this e-course last week while reading luvinthemommyhood.  Immediately I clicked over to Whipstitch Fabrics to read all about the e-course.  Taking an e-course is a big commitment for me because it means I need to set time aside to "study" and practice the lessons I'm learning.  The first week we learned how to construct a twirly little girls skirt (and make a few variations of the skirt pattern), which was perfect because we got a last minute invite to Gaby's birthday party on Saturday!  I really like the structure of the classes, the instructional videos are clear and they are short enough for me to watch on my lunch break.  I also appreciate the fact that she has considered our busy schedules and the lessons should take no more time than 45mins.  

If you want more information on the e-course I'm taking or want to check out the other courses offered by Whipstitch Fabrics, you can check them out here.

I can't believe I made such a cute little skirt, this class is already paying off!  :)


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The sun in my eyes and the wind in my hair

Is this what the Phantom was talking about when he said, "..the garish light of day"?

Top: Target, Skirt: Target, Belt: Forever21 (similar), Shoes: Urban Outfitters (similar)

This last picture is the reason why I need a tripod...I love my husband but we have VERY different ideas of what outfit post pictures should look like (I don't really stand like the leaning tower, I promise!).  To say we had inclement weather this past weekend is an understatement.  The freezing wind and off and on rain has been plaguing the SF Bay Area for the last week.  Warm weather where are you? 

Anyway, I love this outfit!  I'm really starting to embrace more vibrant colors in my wardrobe, although I don't think I could ever go back to wearing neon.  My late 80s completely neon clothes my Mom made me wear really killed it for me, thanks Mom.  As an adult I can only take neon bright colors in small doses.  

Last budget update (March):

Spent: $218.00

Remaining: $582.00

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 Down, 29 To Go!

Wooohooo, one thing checked off my list!  I finally made lasagna...ok, I made lasagna cupcakes.  That still counts, right??

I pinned this recipe a while back and I looked for wonton wrappers forever.  I tried Safeway, Lucky's, and Trader Joe's (almost everywhere except Ranch 99, which should have been the first place to!).  I finally found wonton wrappers in the produce section of Safeway.  The brand I found is organic and they are already cut in a circle so that eliminated one step of the recipe.  The receipe was easy and it wouldn't have taken very long to make if I had left the meat out to defrost while I was at work.  Oh well, next time I'll remember to do that.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Put a belt on it!

I've been looking for a red belt since last summer and I haven't seen anything that I thought would be perfect. You know sometimes you have those moments when you see something and you j.u.s.t. k.n.o.w. that it's the perfect thing you're looking for!

Why do I want a red belt?  Because I think it's a great attention grabber, it's like saying, "Hi, my waist that disappeared for a few months is back and it's right here."  I avoid wearing belts at the hips unless my pants are falling down because I think it shows that I have a short torso and people ask why I'm wearing my pants so high.  Enough of my fashion woes, check out these lovely red belt inspirations:


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Giveaway

I wanted to keep this a secret for a little while but I can't any longer, I'm planning my next giveaway!  I will host the giveaway once I have 40 Google Followers.  So tell your friends and family to join or if you're stopping by to check out my tutorials, stick around for a little while, you just might win something.  :)