Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've always loved skirts and dresses but I never really wore them until I graduated from school.  Lately skirts have been a little difficult for me to wear because of the baby weight, hank goodness the dresses still fit...well sort of...

My struggle with finding great fitting clothes that will fit me later has prompted me to make my Etsy clothing for women just like me.  Women who want to wear cute things and not have to re-buy things in a different size when their bodies change.  Anyway, back to the are a few of my favorites:

Vanessa Bruno skirt

Vanessa Bruno skirt (see more knee length skirts)

American Eagle Outfitters skirt

American Eagle Outfitters skirt (see more flared skirts)


Skirt (clipped to

OrangeBear skirt

OrangeBear skirt (see more cotton skirts)

Worthington skirt

Worthington skirt (see more ruffle skirts)

Preen skirt

Preen skirt (see more pleated skirts)

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