Thursday, December 22, 2011

Giving Back: Project Linus

While reading the Mental Floss blog, one of their posts piqued my interest: 12 Ways You Can Support Charities Without Giving Money

In high school and college I donated to Toys for Tots and at my old job we all bought things for a local family in need.  Helping others is a natural high, it's a great feeling seeing how you can make someone's life a little better (even if it's just for a moment).  I was starting to feel bad that I had not done something this holiday season to help others, but after reading the Mental Floss article I know what I'm going to do to help others.  I am going to help Project Linus.

Project Linus coordinates the donation of security blankets to children in need because of serious illness, trauma or other reasons.  Security blankets offer warmth and comfort that children need (my little guy always carries his little blanket with him where ever he goes).  The next Make A Blanket Day will be February 18, 2012 and I intend to participate.  If you're interested in helping, you can find your local coordinator here.

Another charity that I would like to help is Stitches From The Heart, they crochet things for premature babies.  I've been wanting to learn how to crochet, perhaps this can be a future project once I learn how to crochet.

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