Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm dreaming...

of a handmade Christmas!

After buying tons of baby stuff and a new wardrobe this year, I'm a little tight on cash.  Good news is that we won't have to buy that stuff again because I'm saving it for next time ;)  Anyway, since I like crafting I thought I would buy a few things and also make some gifts.  It's the thought that counts, right?  rriiiiggghhhtt?? 

So far this is my list of things to make before Christmas:
  1. Flannel Baby Blanket, Changing Pad and Burping Cloths (maybe with a matching ornament)
  2. Christmas Tree Skirt
  3. Infinity Scarves
  4. Travel Bag for Shoes
  5. Snowman Ornament
  6. Stuffed Doll
  7. Sugar Cookies (5 dozen)
Now that I wrote everything out it seems like a lot of stuff.  I'm almost done with the baby gifts and a lot of the other things can be finished in 30 mins or hopefully I'll get it all done!  I'll post my creations as I complete them for you all to see.  :)

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