Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Baby Skirt

I made a winter inspired skirt for my cousin's baby girl.  I originally bought white fur to trim the bottom of the skirt but the fur was shedding and making a mess.  

It didn't seem feasible to put shedding fur on a skirt for an infant.  I brainstormed as to how I could still make the skirt look Christmas-y and I asked my hubby for his ideas.  I was thinking simple white satin ribbon or white felt finish, he thought of cutting the felt to make it look like icicles.  I liked his icicle idea but I wasn't going to sit there and try to cut out tiny diamond shaped felt pieces so I thought to use lace!

Since I didn't use fur this skirt can be worn even after Christmas, I hope the baby likes her new skirt!


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Simplesimonandco said...

I love the details at the cute and perfect for the Holidays!