Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not a very sunny Sunday

This past Sunday was gloomy and it even started to sprinkle!  I figured I'd use my time inside to break in my new shoes by wearing them around the house for a little while.

I absolutely love these shoes for a few reasons: 1) because they are color block shoes that can be worn with anything, 2) they are super high and make me about 5' 5" and 3) I got them at Target which means they were not an arm and a leg!  (I think they were only sold in stores, I could not find them listed online, but I did find some similar styles for you, listed at the end of this post).

Walking on the bricks was harder than I expect.
I'm trying to duck under the branch and keep my balance.

 Top: Nordstrom Rack (similar), Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Target

Similar Color Block Styles:

Last budget update (March):

Spent: $126.52

Remaining: $673.48

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