Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Falling Behind

Remember that class I told you I was taking?  Well I'm falling behind!  I was able to keep up the first week when I completed a skirt and then made one of the pattern variations, seen here.  However with all the last minute party things for Nik's party and invitations to parties and baby showers, I'm starting to fall behind.

Ok, can't really fall behind in this class because the material will be up for me to use until July but I feel like I'm behind because I didn't start the pants or the shirt yet and those are going to be big projects for me because I've never attempted to make them in child sizes before and it just looks daunting.  I did watch the videos and she makes it look easy so I have faith in myself and my abilities to sew pants and a shirt.

Right now I'm working on a present for baby Zach who will be joining us soon.  Things are looking good so far, just need to finish up the a few things here and there ASAP so I can work on the bunting I planned to use for our family pictures. 

p.s. - I can't read a calendar because I just realized I have 2 weeks to until the pictures and the baby shower.  I guess that means I should also try to catch up on my class and make some baby pants!

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