Friday, April 6, 2012


I was hesitant to buy colored jeans because I felt like they weren't very "mommy" of me, but I went for them anyways because I love this bright blue color.  When I wore them I received three compliments from guys, so these are definitely keepers.  Who doesn't love it when guys give compliments on your style?  Remember this cardi?  It went on sale so I bought it for waaay person it's a gray mossy color with a hint of brown so I wasn't sure how to wear it for a while.  I really like the tulle and the ruching in the back, if you remember it was my inspiration for this cute little cardi.

On a side note I used my tripod that my friend gave me, thanks Alberto!  It was great being able to take my own pictures and it was also annoying to have people stare as they drove past...what?!  Haven't you ever seen a girl and a tripod before?!?!

Maybe I need to start wearing my stunna shades so I can see!

Cardigan: Kohl's (similar), Shirt: Target, Jeans: Sanctuary Surplus via Ross (similar

Last budget update (March):
Spent: $281.25
Remaining: $518.75

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