Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feed the Birds

We just watched Mary Poppins and the print of my skirt reminded me of the "feed the birds" scene. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have noticed this skirt unless it had a bird on it, right? I amuse myself...

This post isn't about my skirt though, it's about the super cheap belt I bought at Forever21...I may be slightly addicted to belts. I think they add a fun pop of color to my outfits and they help define my waist (which has been missing for a good portion of the last year!).  Also, in case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty petite and my dimensions don't really show in a lot of my clothes so belts help draw the eye in at the middle to show that I'm not shaped like a block...errr, at least that's my thinking...I'm not a fashion expert so don't quote me.

Nik really enjoys planing with the dirt in the backyard...such a little boy!

I absolutely adore his little sailor suit...I need to make him one for when he outgrows this one.

Top: Target, Skirt: Ruche (similar), Belt: Forver21 (similar)

Last budget update (May):
Spent: $431.37
Remaining: $325.64 

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