Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cold Shoulder

Clever title, right?  Just kidding!  I saw this top at Marshalls and I liked the light color blocking so I tried it on and it was so roomy and comfy that I bought it.

It wasn't until after I had Nik that I started to favor loose fitting clothes (it also helped hide the baby weight, wink wink).  Before my wardrobe consisted of slim fitted camisoles and cardigans with tons of pencil skirts... which really aren't the most comfortable things for me to wear while chasing down my running toddler.

I like my closet so much better now and I'll take comfort over looks any day!

Darn shadows across my face...
Nik found a vacuum cleaner attachment and he wanted to make it a teething toy.
Top: Marshalls (similar), Pants: Ross (similar)

Last budget update (June):
Spent: $456.37
Remaining: $263.68

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