Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Waterproof Fabric Tips

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Some of you might already know how to make material waterproof, but for those of you who haven't tried it yet here are my tips and suggestions to help you.

First let me start by telling you where you can find iron-on vinyl...I had the darnedest time trying to find it in the stores.  I ended up finding some Thermoweb 17-Inch by 2-Yard Heat'n Bond Iron-On Vinyl, Gloss on and It wasn't until after I already ordered the 2 yard pack that I ended up finding some on the bolt at Walmart in the interfacing section (oh well...the pricing wasn't really much different).

Now for the tips...If you follow the instructions on the packaging it says to wash your fabric....which is something you should do unless you are using a fabric such as flannel (like I did).  In retrospect I should have hand washed the fabric and let it air dry or tumble dry low instead of machine washing and drying since it caused the fabric to fuzz up.  You really don't have to worry about preshrinking your fabric because once the vinyl is applied to the fabric you won't be washing it in the machine. 

When I turned the flannel into waterproof material, I had to go over it more than once because it didn't want to stick the first time.  I think it was partially due to me using soap when I washed the material in the washing machine as well as the fuzz that started to form (as a result of me washing the fabric).

I originally thought that making the changing pad out of the vinyl layer and a flannel back would be good enough, except once I had them sewn together they felt so thin and uneven (because the vinyl side was much thicker) so I went back and added a layer of iron-on wasn't easy!  If you want to assemble a changing pad the right way, I would follow this tutorial or this tutorial.  Another thing...I wanted to make the changing pad without using bias tape so I pinned and sewed the fabric wrong sides together and attempted to turn it all right side out.  After I pulled it all through I ended up with cracked looking vinyl...eeek! 

I panicked because the fabric had been discontinued months ago and I didn't have enough to make a new vinyl side so I thought I'd try something to save it from looking wrecked.  I had saved the vinyl backing paper and I again placed it over the vinyl and went through the same process I had to apply the material.  Phew, crisis averted!

Since my idea really didn't work as planned and it made the edges look ugly, I went ahead and used the bias tape to make it look polished and pretty.  When I placed the bias tape along the edge of the changing pad I used my binding clips to hold it all in place (I'm so glad I have some, they really come in handy!). 

Something so simple could have been done so easily if I would have followed a tutorial instead of trying it on my own.  Remarkably my brother's teacher was extremely impressed by the changing pad (and the other gifts too), if he only knew the whole story!  lol!

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