Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Technical Difficulties

It appears that my computer will need to be repaired because it's not working properly.  I'm not sure how long it will take until I have my computer working again but I hope it's not long.  :(   Talk to you all sometime soon!

p.s. - How about a mini giveaway?  I found a few pom pom monster that didn't find a home after Nik's birthday party, would you like to win one?  Comment here on this post and let me know what you're currently (or what you'd love to start) crafting to be entered (and don't forget to leave some contact information for me)...and feel free to share this giveaway with your friends.  I have more than one pom pom monster that needs to find a good home (please note that not all of them are the same color as the one pictured, but they are mostly gender neutral colors).  Giveaway will end Saturday, August 25th.  

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