Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sewing for Kids Round Up

I have sad news, I lost everything on my computer.  It really sucks when I start thinking about everything that I lost...all my pictures and documents.  I had pictures of all my projects on my computer so I could look back and keep record of the things I made but I lost those images.  At least some of my pictures are still here on the blog.

Even though you've probably seen these pictures over the last few months, I thought it'd be nice to do a re-cap so you can see all the cool things I made in my Sewing for Kids class.

Here is my first project, the double skirt.  I made skirts for little girls before but I really like the style of the double skirt with complimentary fabric.  Oh so chic!

The apron skirt variation is a cute little number but I thought the corner sewing was frustrating because my corners would line up nice and even.  In the end I got everything to line up but it took me a few tries.

Baby pants!  I was a little nervous to sew these, even though I've made pants for myself before.  I think it was the elastic back and faux fly that I found to be intimidating.  In reality these pants are super quick and easy to make and I plan to make more for Nik.

Ah, the collared shirt...yeah...I didn't quite finish it.  I don't think I'll use this pattern again.  Deborah's pattern is very cute but I think a short sleeve version would be best for Nik.  I found a McCall pattern that I'd like to try (it's a little different).  Perhaps this time I'll use "wearable muslin" so I won't have the fraying problems I did with the muslin in the picture.

Another double layer skirt, this time with bolder prints!

The pinafore is probably the cutest little thing ever, but it did have a fair amount of steps to the construction and the hem was a pain.  I guess I really need to see how the hem should be done in person.  My hem didn't look bad from the outside but I felt like it didn't look correct on the inside (but who's going to see that?).

The overmost was my favorite thing to sew!  I love the style (and the fact that it can be reversible)!  In fact, I used to own 5 pairs back in 7th grade.  Yes, at times I would wear a different pair each day.  By the time I started high school I had outgrown them all (that was probably for the best..however I did own a pair of short overalls).  My husband also loved these little overalls because they reminded him of the ones he used to wear when we were in high school.  I guess that makes us on big redneck overall wearing family!

The reversible jacket was not my favorite thing to sew because of the zipper.  I think I had to redo it 3 times...ugh!  I hope that the next time around it will be easier for me and that Nik likes this jacket when he gets a little bigger.

This dress was quick and easy to sew and I even used buttons!  If I ever have a little girl, she will be wearing tons of these dresses.  The pattern is simple but the re-mix possibilities are endless.

I may have said this a few times before, but I think the class was worth the money.  This class boosted my sewing confidence and I learned a lot about complex garment assembly (not to mention the patterns were included so I can use them over and over again).  I wouldn't call myself a beginner sewer, a rusty sewer would be a little more appropriate.  Deborah's class is perfect for sewers of all levels and it's tons of fun sewing along with someone else.  If you're interested in signing up for the next class, you can find more information on Whipstitch's website.     


Justine of SewCountryChick said...

You made some really cute clothes there! Im so sorry about your computer crash. What a bummer for you.

Natalie Leung said...

this is so adorable!

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