Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Progress Report - Sewing with Knits Project 1

A while back I mentioned I signed up for an online sewing class through Craftsy to help me conquer my fear of knits.  I watched all the videos and bought the class materials but when it came time to start the projects I procrastinated because I was still nervous to try sewing with knits.  But now, with the new baby coming I thought I better learn how to sew with knits so I can start making onesies and baby leggings.

The first class project is a hooded sweater, designed for sweater knit fabric.  I found the perfect fabric at Girl Charlee Fabrics.  The knit fabric was so large that I had to lay it all out on the kitchen floor to pin and cut out my pieces.  It took a lot of effort to do all that work with my belly getting in the back hated me after I was done!

I bought ball point pin...I accidentally stuck myself a few times and they hurt!
I'm looking forward to sewing this baby up (even though I won't be able to wear it for months)!

If you want more information about the Craftsy sewing with knits class, taught by Meg McElwee (from Sew Liberated), you can click the link or image below.

Online Sewing Class

They also have a class for those of you who want to sew fashion knits (I've added it to my Craftsy wishlist, it looks helpful for those with a serger): Sewing Fashion Knits: Beyond the Basics

I'm really loving the Craftsy class selections and I've created a wishlist of classes I want to take aside from the fashion knits class.  Also on my wishlist is their Tailoring Ready to Wear class and their Sewing the Perfect Fit class.  You can check out more of their class listings here: Craftsy