Saturday, February 4, 2012

Coffee Cup Cozy Tutorial

Sorry for the delay on this post, I wanted to finish this before the weekend but this thing called lack of sleep got in the way of me finishing this post.
I definitely didn't come up with this idea, it's been going around the internet for a while.  I'm just gonna show you how I made mine and I'm also going to share my cozy template with you.  
If you know how to knit you can follow this tutorial from luvinthemommyhood and make a knitted version.
1. Felt Rectangle 
2. Black or brown felt for the mustache
3. Embroidery or sewing thread to match the mustache
4. Scissors 
5. Invisible Fabric Marker


1. Use the coffee cozy template provided here and trace it out on your felt using your invisible fabric marker.

2.  Now it's time to cut it out.  I forgot to take a picture of me cutting out the mustache.  Don't forget to cut that out!  You can find a mustache template here in this post: luvinthemommyhood

3.  Using a pin wrap the cozy up and mark where the two end should meet.

4.  Place your mustache on your cozy and pin it down.

5.  Begin sewing along the edge of your felt mustache.

Keep your knot behind your mustache as you begin to sew.

It's hard to see the stitches in the picture.

Tie it off with a knot.

6.  With the back of your cozy still in place, stitch the back.  You can use any type of stitch, I used a whip stitch.  You can find a good visual reference of stitches here.

Sorry for the poor lighting.

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