Monday, February 6, 2012

Wonder Land

When I was a little girl my grandma showed me how to crochet.  Let me correct myself, she showed me how to make a crochet chain.  I was good at making a chain!  I didn't use the right techniques but it didn't matter, I was 7 and I thought I could crochet!

When I was pregnant I wanted to learn how to crochet "for real" and make things for my baby.  I tried to make a bear beanie for the baby to match bear booties I had bought him from FiveSisterz.  I started the hat and my husband and brother-in-law told me that it didn't look right and that I was probably reading the pattern wrong so I stopped making the hat and I was going to attend a crochet class (which never happened).  I'm sure you're wondering why I listened to two guys...I dunno myself...they sounded convincing and they learned a little crochet when they were in school in Germany.  Actually my husband is better at making crochet chains than I am, go figure!  Ok, so on to the story...

I'm trying to crochet again and I want to make this:


How awesome is he? I pinned a few other things that I would like to be able to make such as this:

And these:

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I also bought this book for knitting over the weekend:

The designs in this book are modern and darling! I really want to master crochet and kitting this year!

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