Thursday, February 23, 2012

Monster Party Table Decorations

For the tables I decided to create pom pom monsters.

My awesome pom pom maker

Future pom pom monster

I got the inspiration after I saw this book:

I've made pom pom creatures before so I decided to make my own and lucky for me I found a pom pom maker!  How awesome is that?  Something to help you make pom poms!  The pom pom maker come in a variety of sizes, I bought the extra large pom pom maker so the monsters would be big enough to add some flair to the tables.  You can buy your own pom pom maker here:

This pom pom maker makes life easy when it's time to cut the yarn, also I don't have to worry about wrapping the yarn too tight and causing the cardboard to bend.  I will be looking for more projects to use it for. :)

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