Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monster Cans

This birthday decoration was a last minute idea...I was walking through Walmart and I was thinking of all the colors incorporated in the party decorations and I thought to myself, "They're the same colors of Tootsie Roll Pops."  So that train of thought went off on it's own and I thought it would look cool to make the suckers look like monsters!

Then I got to thinking, "What can I put the monster pops in?"  With that question in the back of my mind I returned home and while cleaning I saw my son's can of "puffs" (as we call them) and I got the idea to make a monster can.  It took me about 5 mins to make this monster can which can be used as a pen holder after the party.  I think this would be a cute classroom project (maybe for Halloween??).

To make this I took a damp paper towel and I wiped the inside clean.  I grabbed a piece of construction paper and taped one end of it down and wrapped it around the can and taped down the other end.  The paper didn't quite go all the way around so I used a scrap of the extra paper to cover the gap.

After, I took my craft knife and cut along the bottom of the paper, using the metal rim as my cutting guide (You can also use a pencil to make the line and then cut using your scissors, I was just too lazy to do that.).

I found the center front of the can and I glued the eyes on with my glue gun.

The pops were not long enough to be seen over the edge of the can so I added a little tissue paper at the bottom of the can so they would be visible.  Quick, easy and cute, huh?!

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