Monday, March 26, 2012

Pom Pom Monsters Mini Tutorial

Last time I showed you what (Clover Extra Large Pom Pom Maker) I used to make the pom poms, now I'm going to show you how I decorated them.  I really liked the monsters in the pom pom monster book (Pom Pom Monster Salon: Create, Cut & Style Your Own Monsters (Klutz)) but I didn't have the time and energy to make all those little accessories for each pom pom monster.

What I created instead is quick and easy and if you have little ones it would make an awesome weekend craft project!

Start with your plain pom pom you created.  You can use the pom pom maker like I did (which comes in a variety of sizes) or you can make them the old fashioned way with cardboard.  What, you don't know the old fashioned way?  That's ok, here are a few tutorials I found to show you: pom pom written tutorial and pom pom video tutorial

Got your pom pom ready?  Awesome!  Now grab your glue/glue gun, some big wiggly eyes, two smaller pom poms for the feet, a No. 2 pencil and pipe cleaner in any color (you can find these items at most stores that sell craft supplies, such as Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, and Michael's).

I glued the eyes on my pom pom monsters a few different ways.  I tried gluing them to the ends of the yarn and I tried separating the yarn and putting them in the middle (as you can see in the pictures below).  I like the way they look with the yarn separated, it reminds me of Cousin It.

For the feet I glued the pom poms on the ends of the yarn on the bottom front so they could be seen.

You've got basics done, let's add some flair.  For my flair I added silver pipe cleaners because I wanted a little sparkle.  To attach the pipe cleaner I found the middle of the pom pom, remember when you tied the center?  I pushed the pipe cleaner through the top part of the string that ties the pom pom together.  I did end up pushing out a few strands of the yarn, so try to be careful while inserting your pipe cleaner (you don't want to make your pom pom lose a lot of "hair").

Looking at the pom pom with the silver pipe cleaner reminds me of my grandparents old black and white tv that had a silver antenna.  At this point you can twist the pipe cleaner any way you like, for mine I curled the pipe cleaners using my handy dandy No. 2 pencil.  Just wrap the pipe cleaner around the No. 2 pencil and slip the pencil out when you're done...and that's it!  Simple, right?  

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