Monday, March 19, 2012

Put a belt on it!

I've been looking for a red belt since last summer and I haven't seen anything that I thought would be perfect. You know sometimes you have those moments when you see something and you j.u.s.t. k.n.o.w. that it's the perfect thing you're looking for!

Why do I want a red belt?  Because I think it's a great attention grabber, it's like saying, "Hi, my waist that disappeared for a few months is back and it's right here."  I avoid wearing belts at the hips unless my pants are falling down because I think it shows that I have a short torso and people ask why I'm wearing my pants so high.  Enough of my fashion woes, check out these lovely red belt inspirations:


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

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Bubblemylicorice said...

I love polka dot dresses :)
they are so cute and vintage!!