Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nik's Birth Story

One Month Old
During my 38th week my doctor sent me to get an ultrasound to see the size of the baby. My doctor feared the baby would be too large for me to have a natural birth like I had planned. I went for the ultrasound on Thursday and I had a my weekly appointment the following Monday. During my appointment the doctor told me I had not started to dilate but I was 50% effaced. He also said the hospital had called him and told him the baby would be about 7lbs 12 or 14oz, so I left happy that the baby would be small enough for me to deliver without having to have a c-section.

The following day I get a call from my doctor, my doctor informs me that the hospital was wrong and that my ultrasound says the baby is 9lbs 4oz. He scheduled a meeting for the next day and he asked me to think about what I wanted to do because the ultrasound could be wrong. He said the ultrasound could be off by a pound or two sometimes in either direction...which meant there was the possibility I had an 11lb baby in my belly! I thought about what I wanted and I decided to stick to my birth plan. After my meeting with the doctor he scheduled me to be induced on Thursday, March 31st.

I spent the night in the hospital on Thursday and let the meds do their magic to get me ready for labor. On Friday morning my doctor came at 7:30am to break my water. After my water broke I started to dilate slowly and by 2:30pm I was only 2-3cm dilated. The nurse suggested I try having an epidural to help speed up my dilation process because my doctor was going to decide if I needed a c-section by 3:30pm. Shortly before my doctor called to check up on me I had dilated to 4cm and I continued to have strong contractions. Based on my progress my doctor let me continue through the afternoon.

Around 7pm the nurse called my doctor to tell him I was 9cm dilated. At 7:30pm my doctor arrived at the hospital and I was fully dilated and +2 (which meant it was time to push). Within 15 minutes the doctor and the nurse got ready for the labor process. I looked at the clock when the doctor and the nurse were ready for me to start pushing. I started pushing around 7:45pm and I felt like I wasn't making progress, I couldn't feel the baby coming out. I was worried that I might be there pushing forever! After 20 to 25 minutes of pushing my doctor stepped away and changed into his medical suit to catch the baby, he told me he thought the baby was about to come out. I was in shock, and I didn't believe I was almost done. While the doctor was changing they called the pediatrician to the room to prepare for the baby. I pushed for a little longer and with a big push out came the baby! I couldn't believe I did it! I pushed out the baby (and it only took 30mins of pushing)!

They placed Nik on my stomach when they wiped him off. He was upset and crying, and I wanted to hold him and comfort him. At that point I hadn't seen his face, I only saw his body and his full head of hair. Once he was clean the pediatrician took him to examine him. Mike went to gaze at his new son while the pediatrician measured and weighted Nik. I never knew how much parents love their children until I became a parent. I love you Nik!

Baby Nik
Born April 1st at 8:14pm
9lb 3oz and 21.75in
March 30, 2012

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Shannon Shair said...

I still can't believe tiny you had such a big baby and that it's been almost a year and a half! :)