Friday, April 20, 2012

Picnic Time...Well, Sorta

I bought a picnic basket a couple of months ago because I wanted one for the spring and summer (and I thought it would look cute in our family pictures), but then out of the blue my husband asked if we could go for a Sunday drive.  We've been so busy that a nice weekend away from everyone and the house sounded amazing.

The hubby said we would need to pack a lunch because there wasn't a lot of places to eat where we were going, so we got up the next morning and I busted out the picnic basket.  He made the sandwiches and I got the baby ready and packed some snacks to go with our sandwiches.  I also packed up our new outdoor blanket that we got (JJ Cole Collections All-Purpose Blanket, Gray/Red).

At first we didn't find anywhere to stop and eat so we had a trunk picnic, which wasn't as bad as it sounds.  We just opened up the basket and ate standing up beside the car.  Miraculously it was the first time in a while that the baby didn't put up a fight over eating (needless to say we were very happy).

And as you may remember I recently professed my love for stripes, well I wasn't kidding when I said it.  I found this cute striped dress the night I found the dress I wore to Nik's birthday party.  It's so classy and simple that I couldn't resist it plus it is super soft and comfy. 

Dress: French Connection via Marshalls (similar), Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft (similar)

I'm pretty sure my budget isn't going to last very long...however, on the up side it does make me conscious of how much I'm spending and I've become a little bit more frugal with my clothing purchases.

Last budget update (March):

Spent: $311.25

Remaining: $488.75

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