Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Hue

Have you been seeing as much coral as I have lately?  I have developed a coral crush at the moment, however I doubt it will affect my love for cobalt.  Remember my cobalt colored pencil skirt?  Well this is the same except in a different color.  I just loved this color so much that I had to get it too!  It sure helps add some life to my wardrobe.

I had a little fun using the 1960s photo effect.
Here's the real color of the skirt.
Top: Target (similar), Skirt: Target

Last budget update (May):
Spent: $381.37
Remaining: $375.64

I'm pretty sure setting an $800 budget was a little unrealistic for myself.  What can I say?  Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit as flattering now that my body has changed.  

However, like I said before, setting a limit for myself has really made me think and re-think each item I do buy.  Now I try to avoid buying things at full price, I will watch an item and wait until it goes on sale.  

Also, setting a limit has prevented me from making any impulse buys.  Unfortunately, I think I already exceeded my budget I really wish Anthro had more sales and I'm not even half way through the year. :( 

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Danielle Faith said...

I'm your newest follower! (follow me back) I love coral this season too. I think its really in!