Thursday, May 24, 2012

Project of the Moment - PDF Sewing Patterns

I bought my first PDF sewing pattern the other week and now I want more of them.  I remember a while back seeing somewhere online that you could buy and print out your patterns but I thought it was dumb because I figured you needed a special printer or something to print them out (I was wrong). 

I used a professional PDF pattern for the first time in my Sewing for Kids Class and now I'm loving the idea of PDF patterns.  I love them because you can buy it once and continue to print the pattern and make different sizes without having to buy the pattern all over again (at least that is with most PDF patterns)!

I actually have a stash of patterns that I've bought but have been reluctant to use because I don't want to have to buy a new one if I ever need a different size.  I'm aware that they make special tracing paper to preserve your patterns but that stuff is more expensive than just buying the pattern again (because I always buy mine on sale).  So now I've become very attracted to the idea of PDF patterns and I want more!

I just bought this cute little dress pattern (I found it at Pink Chalk Fabrics) so I can make my friend a gift for her new little baby (and so I can keep just in case, wink wink).  It's simple, yes, but it was so darling that I couldn't resist plus I'm supporting the handmade movement ;)  ¡Viva Los Crafters!

Here are some pictures of the dress I just finished, I love it and I'm sure my friend will too.

I used my Etsy label so I could write the size.

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Lindsay Ramon said...

I love the little birdie fabric and coordinating sleeves. That dress is so adorable and I bet your friend loved getting something handmade!