Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Girl Charlee Fabric

I discovered Girl Charlee fabric over a year ago when I started sewing again and I bookmarked and pinned tons of their fabric.  I really liked their fabric but I didn't order anything until recently because I got stuck on a project and I was intimidated by knit fabric (which is 99.9% of what they sell).

I tried to make a knit sleeper sack with super soft jersey from JoAnn's back when Nik was 4 or 5 months old.  I figured it would be a breezy to sew...then I got to the neck!  I had the most difficult time sewing the neck and it came out all wavy (my poor baby).  I let the project collect dust on my sewing table for almost a year(!) before I decided to try to finish the darn neck (without a walking foot).  I still didn't get it perfect, but I learned from my mistake and I'm ready to jump into sewing with knits head first (thanks to the new Craftsy class I joined: Sewing With Knits).  Now that I made a short story long, I'm happy to say I bought a very large amount of knits from Girl Charlee

I was thrilled when my "knits for boys" bargain lot arrived, especially because I received a few swatches of super soft jersey.  I highly recommend Girl Charlee if you need knit fabric because the prices are affordable and the customer service is superb.

p.s. I did not get paid for writing this post, I just like to share my finds and help promote small businesses!

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