Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sewing Pattern Magazines

Recently I started following a few sewing blogs that regularly feature Burda and Ottobre sewing creations.  If you're asking yourself, "What is she talking about?" don't worry, this was foreign to me too until I did some research.  In my research I learned the following:
  1. Burda is part of Simplicity patterns and they publish a monthly magazine that includes Women's, Misses and a few Children's patterns.  
  2. Ottobre is a magazine that has 6 publications a year and they publish 2 magazines with women's fashions and 4 magazines with children's fashions and they offer a wide range of sizes in all their magazines.
  3. Burda and Ottobre patterns are printed all together and you have to trace out your pattern and add the seam allowance (and hem allowance).
  4. These magazines aren't sold at most sewing stores but you can subscribe to them or contact the magazine and ask where you can find their publication locally.  
With my new found knowledge I looked at both magazines and decided to subscribe to Ottobre since I enjoy making things for my son.  Which brought me to the next thing...where to find Swedish tracing paper (which is recommended) and a good ruler.  I did a lot of googling and I found Swedish tracing paper for good price on eBay and at  The next thing I did was look for ruler.  I don't have pattern making rulers or anything fancy so I asked around to see what other people were using.  Just about everyone is using a rectangular ruler or the scissors seam allowance guide, but I wanted something more than that...which led me to find a curved ruler with the seam allowance.  The product doesn't have a fancy name and it is sold by it's creator on Etsy (you can see it here).  I haven't used my ruler yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it out very soon.

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