Thursday, May 2, 2013

Free Craftsy Classes!!!

*I am a Craftsy affiliate and this post does contain affiliate link, all opinions are my own.


I am enrolled in a few craftsy sewing classes, but I am taking a break from my classes to work on sewing clothes for my children.  Anyway, Craftsy has been adding more classes to their class list and some of those classes are FREE!!!  Yep, that's right, I said FREE...

These free classes are mini classes so they give you a great introduction to the regular Craftsy classes.  I signed up for a few of the free sewing classes as well as a few cooking classes.  Two of the classes that I signed up for are: Modern Buttercream and Sewing 911.  I did watch the Modern Buttercream class and the  instructor is amazing!  My husband and I love watching Cake Boss so I wanted to learn how to make great buttercream frosting at home.  Joshua Russell, the Craftsy instructor, really knows his stuff and I learned that all recipes are not created equal...and that there are a few things to consider when making buttercream frosting.  I haven't watched Sewing 911 yet, but I have watched parts of the other free sewing mini courses and they are excellent.

To check out other free mini courses, click here.  Happy crafting!!! 

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