Friday, May 17, 2013

Sewing with Knits - Project 1 Completed

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I've been incredibly slow about sewing up my first project.  I pushed it to the side because it wasn't a priority for me to finish, but I finally got tired of seeing the cut out fabric on my sewing table so I started working on the hoodie again.  I was amazed at how quickly and easily a hoodie can be sewn.  I feel confident saying this can be sewn in under an hour!  The most time consuming part for me was cutting out the fabric and that was mainly due to my huge baby bump.

The purpose of the Craftsy class is to teach you how to sew knits using a regular sewing machine.  I tried to sew this using only my sewing machine and my walking foot but I found that the zig-zag stitch on my machine made my needle hit the side of my walking foot attachment.  I tried to play with the setting but no matter how I changed it, my needle didn't clear the side of the foot (face palm).  Since this project is made using sweatshirt fleece, I figured I could get away with a straight stitch on my machine and then use my serger for the edges to reinforce the seam.  It all worked out pretty well but I am disappointed that I can't use the zig-zag stitch with my walking foot (mind you, it's not a no-name brand walking foot).  Oh well!  I guess the main reason I took this class was to get over my fear of knits and to start sewing with them and I've done that so what more could I ask for?

To finish off the cuffs and bottom I used my new coverstitch machine (that I got for a steal from a local vendor).  Now that I've finished this hoodie, I am excited to keep sewing up more projects from the class...however I might wait until after the baby is born because the rest of the projects are fitted garments.

For more information on the sewing with knits class, you can read my previous post here or visit the Craftsy website by clicking the picture below.

Online Sewing Class

Happy Sewing!!!

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