Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Project of the Moment - Tee Time!

Sorry, I just had to think of a cheesy title...I couldn't resist!

My little man has been growing like a weed and all his t-shirts and pants are too small, so I decided to use my last weeks of maternity leave to focus on making him clothes.  I managed to make him a pullover sweater, a pair of shorts and two t-shirts.  It was a satisfying being sew productive ;)

While I was looking through my stash and planning out what to use for the t-shirts I wanted to make Nik, I noticed that I have a ton of striped fabric...I jokingly told my husband that I was turning our son into a pirate and making him pirate clothing with all the striped fabric...har har!

I made these shirts using knit fabric I bought from Girl Charlee Fabrics and  I did have a difficult time locating rib knit fabric in bright fun colors so if you know a place where I can get some, please let me know.

#sewing #distractions #nik

#sewing #distractions #nik

For the shirt pattern I used the free Basic Tee pattern by Made. I love the way the tutorial includes instructions on how to make shirts from scratch, like I did, or how to make toddler tees out of adult tees.  I really want to try making a toddler tee from an adult t-shirt next time...I'd love to avoid having to sew hems!

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