Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sewing with Knits - Surplice Dress

I am slowly but surely making progress with my Sewing with Knits Craftsy class.  I enrolled in this class over a year ago and I have been reviewing the class videos at a slow pace...but that's ok because students can view Craftsy videos at anytime and the class access never expires.

This is the second project I have completed from the class and I went out of class order because I really wanted to make this dress and use it for a nursing nightgown.  I had planned to make this dress out of a solid dark purple fabric but I changed my mind and decided to mix a solid and a print.

I bought the solid blue material from JoAnn's and I don't remember how long it's been in my stash.  The print was bought at Fabrix in San Francisco about two years ago...I still remember going fabric shopping with Nik and trying to push a stroller around the tiny fabric store.

This dress came together quickly and it was quick to sew up.  I am really loving my experience sewing with knits!  I'm kicking myself for not sewing with knits sooner.

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