Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Every Little Thing Dress - Pattern Review

I enjoy making gifts for people, it's my way of showing that I care and it gives me an excuse to be creative.  I've made a few things for HB over the years (here, here and here) and it gives me joy to see her wear my creations (and know that someone else likes my work!).  This year I didn't know what I was going to make for her so I looked over some patterns I've had sitting in my stash and I decided to use the Every Little Thing Top/Dress pattern by Shwin Designs (I actually had this pattern pinned before I knew I was having a little girl so I knew I had to buy it when I found out baby #2 was going to be a girl).

The pattern is a great staple and it's very versatile so it's an excellent choice for your pattern stash.  The one thing I did not like about the pattern is that the instructions assume that you have sewing experience and that you know about things like pressing your seams and adding interfacing to the buttonhole area.  I know that adding interfacing depends on the type of fabric you use, however a novice sewer might not have this knowledge and it could cause problems for them.  For my dress I didn't need interfacing because the fabric I used was a bottom-weight fabric.  

I followed most of the directions when making this dress, except I topstitched the bow and I left a seam on the bottom band and just serged the ends instead of making it more like a binding.  By serging the band on the dress, there wasn't much of a need for me to add the topstitching above the band.  I also left out the pockets on my version.

I definitely plan on making more dresses and tops using this pattern, it's a quick sew and I love the endless possibilities.

I also made a cardigan to go with the dress, but I'll talk about the cardigan in another post!

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