Monday, February 10, 2014

Kelly Moore Riva Camera Bag Review & Discount Code

* I am a Kelly Moore affiliate and this post does contain affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.*

I ordered my Riva bag during the Mother's Day sale last year and I love it!  Riva is the perfect bag for me because it's small and lightweight.  I do love my other Kelly Moore bag, but it's not practical for long days or putting under our compact stroller.

Before I bought my Riva bag I would take our camera on day trips and pray that nothing would happen to it...but now I can stash it in my Riva bag and put it under the stroller (or carry it because it's so light).

Much like Kelly Moore's other camera bags, this one is a fairly weatherproof.  I wouldn't recommend taking it out in a huge downpour, but it will keep out a few water drops or snow.  Also the back side of the bag has a zippered compartment for storing money, your ID and extra memory cards.  The most difficult decision I had to make was selecting the color!

In honor of Valentine's Day, Kelly Moore is offering $30 off camera bags.   From now until February 14, 2014 use discount code: BEMINE to receive the savings! 

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