Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Selfish Sewing - My Plantain T-Shirt

This is a very late post (it kinda got stuck in my drafts, because I didn't have any pictures to post)

It seems I never make the deadline for online competitions, perhaps I should have made that my New Year's resolution...complete my sewing projects in time to enter the competitions!

This shirt is a free t-shirt pattern created by Deer & Doe.  They are a French company that makes lovely patterns, I simply adore their work!  When I saw this shirt pattern I knew I had to try it because it looked comfy and loose fitting around the middle.

My inspiration for this shirt actually came from a dress that I saw in a Victoria's Secret catalog.  I knew the dress wouldn't work for me (look at that neckline!) but I liked the color blocking so I copied the idea.

The Plantain pattern is easy to follow and well written, so even a beginner can have successful results.

Front View
The sleeves are a little long on me, so I need to shorten the length about an inch on my next Plantain.  I also think the heavy knit I selected makes the sleeve sag even more.
The neck wasn't bad sewing and I think I only had a small part in the band where I didn't stretch it enough.  The small gather is not noticeable enough to warrant re-sewing the neck bank (ain't nobody got time for that).
Better picture of neck band
I really love the cut of this shirt, it hides my postpartum middle without making me look frumpy.
Back View
I think my closet is calling for a few more Plantain shirts...perhaps with some more color blocking and/or pattern mixing.  ;)

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