Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose (my failed Moneta)

I was excited when the Moneta pattern came out and I purchased it immediately after it was released.  I picked out fabric my fabric and printed the pattern.  As usual, the fabric and the pattern sat on my sewing table for months before I started the project.  I had high hopes for this pattern and I saw tons of amazing dresses made by other bloggers so I figured that everything would come together nicely without any fit issues...but I was wrong.

I followed all the steps to the pattern and I watched the video on adding the lining and reviewed the pictures on the sew along too.  Everything seemed to go smoothly....

 I sewed the clear elastic on the skirt and tried to keep everything even and feeding the skirt through the machine but I accidentally skipped a few places and the skirt ended up with pleats instead of gathers.  I decided to try on the dress to see how horrible it looked and that's when I noticed the gapping in the center front of the bodice and on the sides of the bodice.  I had tried on the bodice after I added the lining and I didn't notice the gapping, but perhaps that's because the weight of the skirt wasn't pulling at the bodice when I tried it on...I don't know???  I really don't know, but I was sad that this pattern didn't fit me.

At the moment I am over this pattern...I may come back to it and try to make some alterations once I feel up to the task.  I am beyond lazy when it comes to fitting and making pattern alterations.

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