Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Recess Raglan Tee x2 - Pattern Review

This is the easiest pattern ever!!!!  This pattern has a lot of variations so your options are endless.  Also, if you're new to sewing knits, this pattern makes the process painless.

I fell behind on my sewing queue and I had the cut fabric sitting on my sewing table for a few weeks before I finally got tired of looking at it collecting dust.  I assembled both shirts in an hour with interruptions!  Sadly I wasn't able to finish them because I ran out of ribbed knit for the neck band on one of the shirts.    

I opted to use a serger on the bottom and not hem them as instructed.  My coverstitch likes to skip stitches at the side seams so I didn't use it.  I started using woolly nylon for the bottom thread and it helps but it doesn't solve the skipped stitches problem.  I also attempted to contact the manufacturer to see if they had any suggestions and their response was to take it to my local dealer.  I was a little annoyed that they had zero suggestions for me.  Ok...enough about my sewing problems.

After I whipped up these two shirts, I cut out fabric to make more because they are ridiculously easy to make and they cost me less than $6 each...and that's the breakdown cost of what I paid for the supplies that were sitting in my sewing stash.

I highly recommend this pattern, it's a great staple for your pattern library.

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