Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Postponed Day Tripper

I bought this fabric months ago and planned to make myself a lightweight pullover for summer, but that didn't happen.   It's now October and I finally got around to making my Day Tripper.  I can still get use out of it in out California fall/winter weather, however it would have been ideal for the summer.

I chose the shortest length because I have a short torso and I didn't want it to be too long or baggy looking.   

The sleeves are about 2"-3" inches too long, so I'll have to shorten the sleeve length in my future variations.  In this picture I folded the ribbed cuff over to make the sleeve look shorter than their actual length.

This pattern was such a breeze to sew and I probably could have cut and sewn everything in 2 hours if I didn't have any interruptions. 

I'm extremely thrilled how this sweater turned out.  It looks great with the leather ponte leggings that I bought last fall.  The relaxed fit of the sweater makes the leggings look a bit more casual and wearable...but still edgy and trendy.

I love this new sweater so much that I'm tempted to make more using this pattern.  :)

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya next time! 

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