Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Star Wars Kids

I have a confession...I am secretly a huge Star Wars fan!  I know it's shocking news, but it's true.  Phew, now we can continue on with the post.  

In August I helped plan a bridal shower and I suggested a Star Wars theme.  Much to my delight, the soon-to-be bride and groom liked the idea!

I had a lot of fun looking for Star Wars print fabric.  I wasn't sure what patterns to use for the children's clothes, so after going back and forth with myself, I decided that a plain design would work the best for each outfit.

For Nik, I made a pair of simple shorts (pattern here) with the Star Wars fabric he picked out himself.  I love going fabric shopping with him because he is beginning to understand the whole sewing process and he loves looking at the fabric with me.  He now says, "Mommy sewing"'s so cute to hear those words.

For Violet's outfit, I used the Piper dress pattern.  I seriously love this pattern.  It's an easy sew and it's very versatile.  I was too lazy to make my own bias tape so I just used plain bias tape from the store.

I had some trouble sewing the bias tape over the collar because it was bulky and it didn't lay smooth.  The problem wasn't horrible enough for me to sew it again.  Perhaps with a good pressing the bias tape will lay flatter.

I love both of these outfits, the fabric is so geeky and fun.  I foresee more like them in the future!!

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