Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tulle Little Red Riding Hood Costume (Mini Tutorial)

For the last few years I tried to get my act together in time to make Halloween costumes, but it never happened.  I told myself this year was going to be the more excuses!

I looked in the stores for inspiration and I didn't see anything that caught my eye.  My son ended up spotting an Optimus Prime costume that he wanted so I bought his costume instead of making him one.  I felt bad about not making him something so I bought Transformer fabric and made him a Trick-or-Treat bag using Harts Fabric tutorial.  Sadly I had to omit the reflective tape because I had directional print and the width would require more than the yard I had in my stash.

I still had no idea what to make for my daughter...all I knew was that I didn't want to make something that required a lot of pattern pieces or sewing.  After perusing Pinterest I found a few cute tulle costumes that looked quick and easy to make.  It was a difficult deciding which tulle costume, but after consulting with the critics (my daughter and my husband) it was decided that I would make a Little Red Riding Hood costume.    

If you want to make your own Little Red Riding Hood Costume, here's my quick mini tutorial:

  • Craft Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • White and Red Thread
  • White Crochet Headband (sold at Joann's)
  • Red Crochet Headband (sold by the yard at Joann's)
  • 15" inches of Black Ruffle trim (sold by the yard at Joann's)
  • 6" inch wide red tulle on a roll (I purchased 100 yards online)
  • 6" inch wide white tulle on a roll ( I purchased 100 yards online, however you probably need less than 25)
I used McCall's M6187 pattern for the cape, but I only purchased the main fabric and used bias tape instead of adding a lining.  If you don't want to buy a pattern, you can check out these great tutorial on how to make your own cape: 


To get started on your own tulle costume, measure your child's chest.  My 2 year old measured 20" inches so I subtracted 2" inches from that to make the tube 18" inches.  I thought 4" inches of white in the middle would be proportional for the center, however in retrospect I should have only made it 3"-3.5" inches.  The white section was cut from a single crochet bandeau (meant to be a tube top) so I used it's height (6" inches) to dictate the height of the entire bodice.  To create the red portion of the bodice I sewed 4 rows of the red headband to make the height 6" inches.  Once the red headbands were sewn together, I attached the two ends to the white center to complete the bodice.  I added the black trim after I finish the skirt but I wouldn't recommend doing that because it was difficult to sew with the poofy tulle in the way.  

Next, measure for the length.  Since my bodice was 6"inches, I subtracted that from the total length to get the length of the tulle bottom.  I wanted my dress longer (ankle length) in case it was chilly on Halloween.  In order to achieve the length I wanted I needed my tulle to be 18" long, which means I had to cut my tulle to be 36" inches long.  

I started looping the red tulle on the bottom row of the bodice and went all the way around.  For the second row I filled in the gaps and built the volume of the skirt.  

For the apron I wanted it to be 13" inches in length, meaning I would have to cut my tulle 26" inches in length.  I made a single row of the white tulle in the white portion of the bodice, and I made sure that there wasn't any gaps or holes.

To make the cape I sorta used McCall's M6187.  I cut the hood using the pattern and I laid the cape pattern on the fabric and cut it as if I was making a circle skirt.  The pattern calls for lining and pleats in the hood but I omitted them.  

Instead of using a pleat, I slightly gathered the cape to match the size of the hood then attached the two and covered the seam with bias tape.  As for the back seam I also used bias tape to cover the edge of the fabric.  I topstitched the bias tape down, sewing on the outside of the cape.

For the tie I used white ribbon from my ribbon scraps. 

To make the hem I used my rolled hem gave the hem a nice finish and saved me a lot of time!  If you don't own a rolled hem foot, I highly recommend buying one.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!

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