Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project of the Moment

Wow, so it took me a while to get this skirt done...I just didn't have time to sew.  As you remember, I never made a dress for my cousin's daughter (whose birthday was back in February) because it came out too small.  Instead of a dress I decided to make her one of the skirts I learned how to make in my sewing for kids class (you can read more about it here).  With this little skirt completed I'm finally starting to make the pants I was supposed to in week 2 of the class, although with summer around the corner I may shorten them.

Also, to match the skirt I made fabric rose hair accessories.  I think the gingham makes this skirt look very vintage.  

P.S. - I finished the baby shower gifts for baby Zach, yeah!  I made a flannel blanket with a decorative stitch along the edge, a satin trimmed fleece blanket and a bunting for the nursery.  I can't wait to meet the little man.  :)

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Amy Holmes said...

what a cute skirt!