Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finish What You Start (Tip on sewing with velour)

I still have a few projects left to do for my e-course and I think should be done before July (which is when I will no longer have access to the material).  Of course since those projects are for learning and not for pleasure I had to sew something for pleasure me on the side.

I started finishing a skirt that I wanted to sew back in January.  I thought velour fabric would be an excellent choice for a winter skirt.  Boy was I wrong!  

No one told me that velour was sooo difficult to cut and sew!  Geeeze...I had the most difficult time trying to make everything even and pin my seams.  Finally my husband when to search for tips on how to sew velour online (now why didn't I think of that?).  One of the tips he found said to use tissue between the two layers of fabric.  It worked like a charm and I was finally able to pin my side seams.

I used tape to keep the tissue paper from shifting while I was pinning.
I did the cutting and the pinning at night when I was tired and frustrated and I didn't bother to look at the fabric until I finished the side seams and put a hem in the skirt.  When I finally took the skirt out from my machine and turned the fabric to the right side I noticed that the direction of the velour wasn't the same.  Meaning one side looks darker than the I did all that work for nothing because I didn't have enough fabric or patience left to fix my mistake.  Now that skirt is going into the fabric to be re-purposed pile.  Uggh, what a waste of time! 

I think my next one will be to finish a blouse I started 9 years ago. Yup, I never finished it and I ran across it (and a few other uncompleted sewing projects) last summer when I was dusting off all my sewing things. It's been great to have sewing back in my life!

Do you have any old projects you need to finish?  Ever made a silly mistake like I did?

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