Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Project of the Moment - Reversible Jacket

I had the most difficult time selecting fabrics that I like that were fun and cute (not plain) but also boyish.  I searched my local stores and didn't find anything I really loved so I started looking online.  I ended up buying the majority of my fabric from Hawthorne Threads, they have so many fun fabrics and they make it super easy to find what you need. 

For my son's reversible jacket I wanted the print to be colorful and fun but not a "in your face" kind of print so this is what I selected:

For the main fabric:

For the lining:

I guess you could argue that there really isn't a "main" fabric since it is reversible. I don't know where I went wrong but the jacket didn't really come together as nicely as Deborah's did in her videos. I mean...the jacket looks ok but I had to redo a few parts, I think it's because the 14" zipper I selected was a little too long.  I also didn't have fun installing the zipper, but I must say that my zipper sewing skills are improving. If I ever make the jacket again, I'm going to try using a fully reversible zipper so it's easier for Nik to put on and take off (right now he still needs help so the one sided zipper is fine).

Now that the jacket is finished I have one more "big" project (a dress) and two smaller ones (a bib and a bonnet...but I don't plan on making the bonnet), which should be easy (except that the dress calls for buttons...eeek!).

On a side note, during my break from sewing the jacket I went through Nik's clothes and put away what he out grew and put 18MO and 2T clothes in his dresser. He is definitely set in the clothes department for quite a fact he probably won't need new clothes until the beginning of next year. Which means that I can start making clothes for me without feeling guilty. ;)

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