Thursday, December 27, 2012

Adventures in Cross Stitching Pt. 2 - "The Dog"

I started a cross stitch project earlier this year and then I just got caught up in a bunch of other projects and I kinda left it to the side.  During the last few weeks I haven't felt like doing much sewing or crafting so I went back to my cross stitching to keep me busy during the evening.  It's been calming doing my cross stitch and watching the baby play in the living room (I love seeing him play, I'm always fascinated to see what he's going to do next).  

It took me forever to get the cross stitch going because I wasn't sure where to start or how to do it "correctly" and I didn't want to mess it all up.  However now that I finished two words, I feel like I can take on anything!  I'm pretty sure I changed the direction of my stitches a few times but now I have a rhythm going and I try to plan out my stitches ahead of time so I can move on to the next letter with ease.  I still have a long way to go until this is complete but it will keep me happy and occupied this winter.

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