Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Winter Handmade Gift Exchange

This year I participated in the Winter Handmade Gift Exchange hosted by Craftaholics Anonymous.  I wasn't really sure what I was going to make when I signed up, I figured the ideas would come to me when I was paired up with my partner.  I definitely knew I'd be sewing something because that's my's what I do, however when I found out who my partner was, I panicked.  Eeek!  I was paired with a fellow sewer...what was I going to do now?

I decided I was going to Pinterest stalk my partner and see the things she likes and try and make something that would suit her tastes and style.  I have to say, crafting for a complete stranger is challenging.  I looked over her Pinterest boards and found her style was similar in some ways to mine so I made her stuff I wouldn't mind receiving myself.

Here is what I created:

 I thought a detachable textured suede peter pan collar would be edgy and trendy.  I used Simplicity 1727 to make the collar, I figured it'd be better if I used a pattern instead of trying to guess my partner's size.

I threw in a couple of other goodies that in my package (but I didn't take pictures), I sure hope she likes it!

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