Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KCW Spring 2013 Day 3

I started having contractions on Tuesday so I went to see my doctor.  He told me to get some rest and relax for the next two days and not to worry because it doesn't look like I will go into pre-term labor (I'm only 27 weeks).  I listened to him and stayed in bed so I only got a little prep work done Tuesday evening.

I spent 20 minutes on Tuesday night sewing the fronts to the back and pining the fur and lining together.  While pinning I noticed that the back pattern piece is slightly curved like a slight "w" instead of being straight.  I didn't like the curved look so I trimmed the back to make it straighter and less curved.

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On Wednesday afternoon I felt a bit better and I spent a little time sewing up the vest (using my walking foot).  I still have to handstitch the turning opening shut but that can wait.  Later in the evening I felt up to making dinner so I snuck into my sewing room (while dinner was on the stove) and assembled the bodice for the baby geranium dress.  We will see how tomorrow goes...I started to feel a little strange after eating dinner so I've been resting since.

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You can find the free pattern and tutorial for this vest here

The supplies I used for this project were left over from another fur vest that I made as a gift for a toddler, so I really made a two-fur here!  Ha ha ha...get it?  A two-fur...just a little play on words there.  I believe I only paid $7 for the lining and fur material at JoAnns, which isn't too bad for two fur vests.  :)  

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