Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toddler Muscle Tanks - M6495 Pattern Review

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I started making these tanks, using M6495, during Kids Clothes Week but I didn't finish them until recently.  This was my first time that I sewed with knits when I could claim that I "knew what I was doing".  I have learned a lot in the last year about knits and I'm not scared of them.  In fact they are so quick and easy to sew!

I did have a little problem attaching the neck band to the tanks and it looked a little gathered in a few areas so I went back and stitched down the seam allowance using my coverstitch machine (this could also have been done on a regular machine with a walking foot), to help smooth and flatten the neck area.  My mistake with the neck band was that I didn't stretch it enough in certain areas.  I did notice that the neck area is a little big compared to store bought muscle tanks that Nik has in the same size.

The pattern calls for folding over the fabric for the arm hole area and stitching it down.  I thought it would be easy but it was a little difficult to get 5/8" of fabric to lay nicely when I folded it over.  Besides the arm holes, the rest of the pattern was super easy and quick to sew.  Next time, I pretty sure I could crank out a muscle tee in an hour (from cut to finish).  I also might try stitching the arm hole first and then sewing the side seam after...I saw this method used in some RTW clothes (the trick is to make sure everything is even and matches up).

The knits were bought from Girl Charlee Fabrics and you can learn more about sewing with knits here.

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