Wednesday, October 23, 2013

KCW Day 3

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I forgot how much I dislike sheds and it is also not very easy to sew with because it constantly moves.  I had purchased this fabric to make Nik a velour tracksuit last winter but I never got around to sewing it because I was hit with a bad first trimester.

For KCW I thought it'd be a great time to finally make the tracksuit, however, the more I thought about the project, the more nervous I got about working with velour again.  So after a lot of thinking I decided to reconsider my original idea and make another Varsity Cowl Pullover instead of a tracksuit.  I know Nik loves the feel of velour and he loves pockets so I added side seam pockets to this velour version.  

As you can see I didn't get too much sewing done...hopefully tonight I can finish this pullover and get started cutting out the fabric for the dress.

p.s. - Promise me that you won't ever let me sew with velour again! 

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