Tuesday, October 29, 2013

KCW Day 4 and the rest of KCW

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Last week felt like a bust!  I blame Tuesday night, because that's when my KCW started to fall apart.  I did go back after I took the picture (in my last post) to pin the sleeves on the pullover because I felt like I didn't accomplish much that night.  Also, while I cut the pockets out on Tuesday night I realized that I had cut out my main pieces the wrong way..face palm.  I thought I had brushed the velour to make sure I was cutting in the right direction but I guess I must have not been paying too much attention because the direction of the velour is left to right instead of up and down (which also means the stretch of the garment is in the wrong direction!).  I suppose it doesn't matter too much...Nik will still be able to wear it and you can't notice the mistake, it just bothers me that I was careless.

It really felt good to finally use this velour and get it out of my stash!  I really need to start sewing up more things to get this stash to a reasonable's ridiculous.  In fact I think I may have scared my coworker when I was showing off my sewing space.  Her eyes kinda bulged out a little when she saw my bookcase filled to the brim with fabric.  

I sure do love to digress, don't I?  Anyway, on Day 4 nothing happened.  I managed to cut out the fabric for the Every Little Things dress on Saturday night and that was as far as I got for KCW.  I hope to get the dress done in the next two weeks.  Perhaps since KCW is over, I can finish up a little selfish sewing that I had started.  I'm really not sure what to sew next and that is because I am lazy, like lazy with a capital "L".  I dislike changing the thread in my machines so I will work my way through my sewing queue and work on projects that require me to use the same color thread.  Who knows, maybe I'm not alone...maybe there are others who do the same thing!

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Over the weekend it was cold enough to finally dress the baby in the fur vest that I made during the Spring KCW.  Doesn't she look cute?  I couldn't get enough of it!

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