Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Baby Leggings Pattern Round Up

I just made a massive amount of leggings for the baby.  Things started out slow but once I got going she ended up with 5 new pairs of leggings.

Baby leggings are quick and easy to sew, especially when you cut and sew them all at once.  To decrease sewing time I recommend sewing with fabrics of like colors so you won't have to change your thread.  I switched my thread three times and it added 10-15 minutes to my sewing time (to be fair I was changing two machines, my serger and coverstitch).

Another great thing about baby leggings is that they don't require a lot of fabric.  You can make them using half a yard or a fat quarter.  In fact, I used the left over black fabric from my Plantain shirt to make a pair of leggings.

This post wouldn't be complete without a picture of the baby modeling her new leggings!  My little girl is mobile now, so she definitely needed leggings.  I can't tell you how satisfying it is to see your work worn and loved!

As promised in the post title, here are a few free tutorials/patterns that you can use to make your own baby leggings:

1. ToddAh
2. Make It and Love It
3. Spoonflower Blog
4. I Still Love You
5. Craftiness Is Not Optional

If you want to get fancy with your legging and try more styles, here are more great tutorials:

1. Lil Blue Boo - Hand Stamped Leggings
2. Make It and Love It - Ruffle Bum and Skirt Leggings
3. MADE - Ruched Leggings
4. See Kate Sew - Tutu Leggings
5. See Kate Sew - Baby Jeggings
6. Distractions - Ruffle Hem Leggings

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