Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cascade Skirt - Pattern Review

Last summer I saw a gorgeous Cynthia Rowley skirt (shown below)and I looked for it online, only to find that it was waaay too expensive and it was sold out.  I knew that Meg Nielsen had a very similar pattern, the Cascade Skirt, so I bought it and decided to make my own skirt.  (On a side note, Simplicity just released a pattern to make the Cynthia Rowley skirt.)  

I still have a little extra around the middle from baby weight so I made made this a size inbetween pre-baby and my current size (in hopes that when I finally lose the weight, it will fit better).  I thought the skirt would fit okay, but I was sooooo wrong.  The skirt wraps around me and it covers in the front but it doesn't overlap enough to keep me covered if I need to run after my children.  To fix my problem, I made a Mabel skirt in a matching color to wear under.  I'm petite (towering at 5' 1") but I decided to keep the full length because I like the dramatic look of the skirt.

Meg's pattern is extremely well written and very carefully thought out.  I love the simplicity and the professional results with the french seams. 

I followed all the directions for the skirt, except I think I messed up on the placement of my waist band.  I didn't transfer the pattern marking and I think I didn't align it correctly, oh well...c'est la vie!  I also used my rolled hem foot to make my hem.  Using my hemming foot may have helped me save a little time but not much.  I think sewing the hem is the most time consuming part of the project, especially if you're using silky fabric.  I would like to make a few more Cascade skirts, perhaps in jersey and shorter in length.    

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