Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fiesta, fiesta! (Cora's Maxi Dress Numero Dos)

I really loved the first dress I made using this pattern so I decided to make another in a shorter length.

I had a hunch that it would probably be longer than my knees but I didn't bother shortening the bottom tier.  I figured I could make a giant hem and call it a day.  After I finished sewing the giant hem, it was still longer than I wanted but I figured I would leave the length in case it ever shrank after being washed.

I didn't really think the construction of this dress all the way through because I didn't consider what the fabric would look like chopped up.  Once I started assembling the tiers I noticed that the print didn't match and the colors were slightly off.  I freaked out for a few seconds and then I convinced myself that it really wouldn't matter because no one would really pay that much attention and notice.

When I constructed this dress, I made some modifications to the bodice and the bodice assembly.  I didn't sandwich the straps between the ruffle and the bodice (like I mentioned doing in my other post) because I thought it might make it difficult to insert the elastic.  Instead I made the casing by flipping the ruffle over the bodice (see pictures below) and top stitching...I then attached the straps afterward to the inside of the bodice.  I also added a casing at the bottom on this dress.  I used single fold bias tape and I sewed the bottom to the bottom bodice seam allowance and then top stitched the top of the casing.  I used 1/2" single fold bias tape, however in retrospect, I should have used a larger size.  I like the elastic at the bottom, I think it helps ad a little shape to the dress.  I intend on going back to my full length dress and adding an elastic casing at the bottom.

I love the outcome of my new dress, it looks so festive, hence the name of this post!

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